I can’t do it justice!

I normally do not give reviews, but Primewellness is an outstanding clinic. I have been a patient for eight years. My understanding is that Dr. Austin is one of the pioneers in women’s health care. She and her staff really care about their patients, and they do stupendous work. I have been much healthier since I became their patient. The doctors I deal with her in Seattle are very subpar by comparison; my internist here in Seattle called me a fat Harpy in his notes.


Dr. Kelly Austin

I have been a patient of Dr. Austin’s for many years. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and pro-active as a physician. Dr. Austin listens attentively and intuitively knows what your particular needs are. Her staff is excellent in the care they provide to her patients. Kudos, y’all!

Brenda D

Real Health Care Is Here

Most people don’t realize that medications ordered by mainstream doctors do not achieve a cure — they control symptoms, Dr. Austin gets to the bottom of what’s ailing you using comprehensive blood tests and applying her extensive knowledge to resolve health problems naturally. Dr. Austin has incredible knowledge and expertise and I recommend her highly. Her office staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

Barbara M

Finally, an educated MD with an open mind.

I love talking to Dr. Austin, we are on the same page. We work very well together and figure things out and try new ways if something doesn’t seem to fit or feel right. Thank you Dr. Austin for your wisdom and all you do for women.

Deanie Z

Partner in Health

I recently had a consult with Dr. Austin to review my lab work and she always has an encouraging word and recommendations to bring improvement in areas that need more support. Appreciate her knowledge and explanations of how our bodies work.

Genie B

First Visit

Totally pleasant and professional experience. Relaxed, informative and helpful staff. I would recommend them to anyone.

Michelle B.

Dr. Kelly Austin is the best!

I have been going to Dr. Austin since 2008 and her recommended treatments have made a huge difference in my life. She’s an expert in her field and truly cares about her patients. I feel so blessed to have found her.

Camille W.


I have been dealing with some ongoing health issues for a year now, having seen several specialist and multiple tests with no answers or even possibilities. Dr. Austin’s attention to detail and depth of potential diagnosis as it relates to my symptoms was more comprehensive and informative than the collective health care I had previously received. Looking forward to working with her to solve some of my health challenges.

Lawrence B.

Dr. Kelly Austin

I had an appointment over the phone with Dr. Kelly Austin. She was very patient and helpful with my medical issues. I’ve got answers to all my questions and valuable information. Looking forward to our follow up appointment.

Tatiana R.

I love Dr. Austin

Dr. Austin makes it east to get the health care I need. As a pharmacist I know that so many drugs prescribed by traditional doctors are not helping patients resolve their health issues. They treat symptoms, not causes of illness. Dr. Austin excels at finding the causes of problems and knows how to treat them quickly and safely. Additionally, her front office staff is wonderful. You will love Michelle and the girls. You will love Michelle and the girls. They are always helpful and friendly.

Barbara M.

Review of Dr. Kelly Austin.

Dr. Kelly Austin is a great listener! She truly is interested and vested in the betterment of her patient’s health. She offers good, most current and updated advice, at the same time as she is open and interested in learning from her patients experiences. Dr. Austin makes her patients feel worthy.


To Our Good Health

I recently had my consult with Dr. Austin to go over my lab work and she is a great cheerleader of the improvements I’ve made as a result of following her customized protocols. She will dig in, research and even consult with others for her patient’s excellent outcome. I am blessed to call her my doctor and look forward to working together for my best health!

Genie B.

Appointment Dr.Austin

Great as usual, I would like also to Thank all the ladies in the office- they are very professional, helpful, and really care about patients. Great staff!

Robert B.

Retired accountant

I’ve had wonderful results after following Kelly Austin’s excellent knowledge of the body’s various needs and treatments/organic treatment to make you body feel it’s best. The office is very friendly and efficient. Thanks you

Beverly M.

Life-changing health improvement!

Dr. Kelly Austin and her terrific staff are absolute miracle workers. I have suffered with chronic fatigue, depression, lack of vitality and many other symptoms that impacted my life for years. Dr. Austin got to the root-cause right away and not I have a new lot in life. I feel like myself again, have plenty of energy, can exercise again, my mood is bright and my blood work has been the tangible proof that my body is healing from the inside out. Do this for yourself!

Judy W.

Telephone Visit

Dr. Natasha had been very helpful and compassionate. The office staff is also very helpful, responsive, and timely.

Jeanny L.

All by Phone

Since I live 90 north of LA, San Diego would be a hike for me. So our phone conversations are important to me. Everyone (and I mean everyone) is well informed and I don’t have to make an appointment with the Doctor every time I want a question answered. If the staff doesn’t know the answer to my question they will ask someone who would know. I can’t rave enough about Dr. Kelly Austin and Mariah Mellinger NP, and their staff. I highly recommend them.

Deanie Z.

Dr. Natasha

Dr. Natasha answered all my questions and explained what I did not know. The office staff are awesome and replies back in the same day. Great customer service. Thank you!!

Meri M.

Excellent Care at Prime Wellness

I have been going to Prime Wellness in Rancho Bernardo for several years and have always received excellent care. My thyroid numbers are where they should be and my energy level is very good. The vitamin shots are a godsend and Mariah is wonderful at asking questions and providing advice and direction. All the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, courteous and professional. Thank you!

Cindy Q.

Genes and Labs

Learned a lot from Mariah about managing the effects of lifestyle and genetics. Her knowledge and explanation was great and I understand better not just what to take or do with my results, but also why.

Mary K.

Dr Natasha

Dr Natasha is always very informative and caring, she takes her time in analyzing my blood work. She’s able to recommend what vitamins are best and healthiest for me. When I follow Dr Natasha direction I’m better in all areas of my life.

Tony S.

Great service and very knowledgeable Doctors and practitioners.

I’m so happy I got involved with Prime Wellness. All the staff (and I mean all) are very knowledgeable and helpful. I work mainly with Dr. K. Austin and Mariah Mellinger, NP. They are both well spoken and educated with bio identical hormones and I’m feeling pretty wonderful because of their dedication and knowledge . I appreciate all they do and the staff and I highly recommend this life changing holistic group to anyone. Thank you for being you. Deanie Z. Dec 10, 2019

Deanie Z.


Nurse Nicole recommended Botox to make my neck look smoother and it worked! It’s great to find an expert and fillers and freezers for men. You have great technique and a real understanding of what Botox can do to give a man’s face a natural look. Many thanks.



I absolutely love Kelly Austin, ND…she is amazing and her staff is too. They went the extra mile in helping me with my hormone creams. I had some challenges in finding a proper compounding pharmacy in my State and they resolved the issue and went above and beyond to help me. I am feeling great because of them. I will continue to work with them and I am extremely satisfied!

Juli L.


Very professional very thorough in her explanation I was treated by all the people I came in contact with respect and a caring approach.

Marty A.

Fertility Help

I appreciate how Prime Wellness is working with me to promote fertility. I would have never been able to figure out what supplements could improve my egg quality on my own. I also like that they ask about lifestyle and treat me holistically.


Appointments and calls.

Life changing! So happy I found them. I Started on bio identical hormones and I feel like I’m alive again. The Staff is so nice and helpful and return e mails and calls in timely manner. They check up to make sure everything is going well and if we need to change anything. Plus on Saturday a nurse comes to east county (santee) and gives B injections HIGHLY recommend .

Debra F.

Telephone appt

Excellent discussion and continued focus on patient well being and care. I appreciate the ability to remain a valued client even while living outside of CA.


My hair is getting thicker!!!

I am now on my fourth session with nurse Nicole at Dr. Kelly’s office and I can honestly say that with an overhead light shining on the top of my head I can no longer see anywhere near as much scalp as I used to just six month ago! The PRP and micro needling and the solid advice about aftercare to make the most of my results has been nothing short of a godsend and I am so very grateful.


Please and Grateful with services

The Staff is friendly ,knowledgeable and accommodating. I received and IV treatment, they made it easy for me, I trust there work

William C.


Had a great experience with my initial meeting about my health concerns. Took time to explain and set a plan for my long term goals. Looking forward to my next consultation

Marty A.

Feeling great

I’ve been a patient of Dr Austin’s office for a number of years now and have always had a great experience with their staff and care. Top notch healthcare. I highly recommend them!

Arnold V.

So Impressed with Kelly Austin, ND

Because we got my hormones finally balanced, I feel wonderful. The headaches I had been having are mostly gone and everyday is such a blessing to feel this amazing. My days are fulled with energy and the joy of living without pain. I’m so grateful for Ms. Austin’s knowledge that she gives so freely. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Deanie Z.

Love the treatments I’ve received

I absolutely love the treatments I’ve received here. Nicole has done the microneedling w/ PRP treatments on me and I’ve had amazing results. I’m also going to get my fillers done by her as I completely trust that she will deliver beautiful and natural looking results.

Brooke G.


I’ve been so very very happy with my micro needling treatments by nurse Nicole at the office of Dr. Kelly! Today, I was explaining to nurse Nicole that as the seasons are changing and the weather is getting colder, my skin feels very dry and my energy level is more than questionable! Nicole suggested an IV drip with all the vitamins minerals and hydration to bring me back to 100% moisturized and motivated! And… It worked! SO GRATEFUL! THANK YOU


Phone consult great idea

Since I live in Escondido its not always convenient to go to Rancho Bernardo Prime Wellness. 15 minute phone consult is a great idea and I want to thank Mariah for taking the time to review my file and ask those pointed and helpful questions regarding my health. Also the staff is ALWAYS super helpful and friendly! Love Prime Wellness!

Cindy Q.


Nicole was professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable and my results are fantastic.

Mary K.

Amazed and so happy

They say that guys look plastic when they had plastic surgery and that made sense to me, but when the first sign of aging started to show up on my face, first I panicked, then I did my research and learned all about the benefits of Prp for looking better naturally. Nicole explained everything thoroughly before she did my prp treatment and after two days I already see a difference. Happy camper here. Thanks so much.

Mark B.

Best Doc

She is patient centric. She is thorough and explains everything to me so I understand. She listens to my concerns. She is a vital part of my medical team.

Dolph G.

A must for microneedling!

Nicole is the best! She does an excellent job. She listens to what you want, goes above and beyond and I’m loving my results! Highly recommend!


Amazing experience

I had an amazing experience at prime wellness with Nicole. She did my microneedling with prp injections. It was my first time but she put me at ease immediately. She is very knowledgeable and sweet. I have already recommended her to a few friends and will definitely be going back to her for more microneedling and botox!

Julie C.

Vitamin Drip is an incredible health boost.

I have hone for the vitamin drips here, and a series of them really helped me to gain strength after an exhausting few years left me severely depleted. Nicole is wonderful! I also have seen Dr. Natasha for BioID hormones and she is very thorough and kind.

Loretta M.

Real Healthcare

Great meeting with Kourtney this past week going over my recent blood work. Every time I come for an appointment or have phone consult regarding my health, I always learn something new. Visiting for shots and supplements is always a pleasure as the staff are very friendly and very professional. Having been a long time patient of Dr. Austin’s office I have found little need to visit my medical doctor. Highly recommend and happy patient.

Arnold V.

Loved It!

It was my first time receiving a microneedling treatment and I had a wonderful experience. I felt extremely comfortable, all my questions were answered and I am very happy with the outcome.

Sarah S.

Great Experience with Microneedling/PRP

Nicole made me comfortable throughout my entire appointment. She was kind, knowledgeable, and made the whole process enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone interested in trying micro needling with PRP!

Alexandra D.

Amazing experience!

Today I went for a PRP session with injections and Nicole was my nurse. The experience was nothing less than extraordinary. I am amazed at the restorative properties of PRP and can’t think of the better more qualified practice To entrust my skin with! If you’ve never tried it, PRP uses your own platelets to help regenerate your skin and the great news is, it works!


Wonderful Office

Attentive and solution providing. A welcome relief from conventional medicine. I find the staff to be quick to respond to me and genuinely caring. Thank you

Gail O.

Great service but way over priced

The on phone appt. is convenient and every bit as thorough as in office but really expensive for the time spent in comparison to other phone consult much higher.



I have been working with Dr. Natasha Monterey for a couple months now and there is not enough room here for me to detail just how pleased I am with the level of attention and care I have received from the entire staff at Prime Wellness. I am so grateful to my friend who referred me! I now have a diagnosis and plan to address the root cause of my multitude of symptoms. What a relief after getting nowhere with other doctors for years.

Karyn D.

Will be back!

I had the microneedling with PRP with Nicole and she was fantastic! I will be back to see her again because of the first class level of service she provided.

Kim V.

Very happy!

Thank you for the excellent experience with Nicole for my first PRP microneedling facial. Nicole was kind, informative and professional. I am very happy with my results too!


This is REAL health care

As a pharmacist tired of dispensing pills developed by Big Pharma — pills that cure nothing (except, perhaps, antibiotics), I have made Dr. Austin my healthcare provider and couldn’t be happier. My health has never been better. Exceptional health does not come out of a prescription bottle. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Austin’s office. It will be a huge leap forward in achieving your ultimate wellness.

Barbara M.

Continued inspiration and improvement!

This is ,y third review and documents my series of micro needling and PRP injections with Dr. KELLY and Nurse Nicole. With each session, I am seeing marked improvement in my skin. Pores are smaller, skin texture is smoother and skin tone is becoming more and more even. If you were told me that this was possible just two months ago, I would have told you it wasn’t, but it is!


Extraordinary in every way!

The care the expertise and the extraordinary results are something that I count on! As an entertainment industry professional, I am fortunate enough to be privy to recommendations for the best of the best, but the truth is I always smile because Dr KELLY and Nurse Nicole are my best kept secret!! Thank you


Prime Wellness

Wonderful service; great doctors and staff. I am consistently impressed with the quality experience.


Hashimoto’s Cured

They ran blood work and diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Disease. They were able to tell me what to eliminate from my diet and recommended I take certain supplements. Several years later they ran blood work again. My Hashimoto’s Disease is now gone. So grateful for all of their information and help!


Balancing Health

It was a pleasure talking to Dr. Kelly Austin and coming up with a plan that will get me into a balancing of my diet and hormones. I am looking forward to some great results. Dr. Austin has a great staff that is on call and they make you feel like your there only client.

Maggie R.G.

Miracles do happen!

The most extraordinary antiaging clinic and the secret to wellness in north county San Diego! Always so well treated by the talent and knowledge of Dr Kelly and her magical team!!!


Hope restored

I was referred to Dr. Kelly Austin by a dear friend who shared my experience of chasing after solutions to overcome chronic fatigue. After just two short appointments and one Metagenics 10-day detox, I’m beginning to feel a little better and by reviewing the extensive labs its clear that adrenal fatigue, gut health and lack of hormones are my problem. Best of all Dr. Austin explained how all these pieces of the puzzle are relatively easy to repair. For the first time in over 10 years I have HOPE!!

Judy W.

Helped my Hashimoto’s

I have been to Prime Wellness on and off over the past 6 years. Their recommendations has lead me to be able to heal my Hashimoto’s Disease. I highly recommend them!

Jacquline V.

Excellent service for Vit C IV

The vitamin C drip provided at Prime Wellness has been a turning point in my road to recovery. I had a great experience there and will be back!

Loretta M.


Simply the best of the best!! Extraordinary service! Wonderful experience!! So grateful!! Thank you so much!


Dr Austin experience always rewarding!

Dr. Austin has been my doctor for many years and has been instrumental in diagnosing several health concerns long before the issue is beyond treatment. She is knowledgeable in reading the blood work with the whole body’s health view in order to follow the best course of treatment that benefits the whole person. She is very responsive, an excellent listener, and a wonderful health care partner!

Sandy C.

Right Information at the Right Time

I appreciate that Dr. Austin’s first approach is natural and effective remedies before immediately recommending antibiotics. After self treating a recent health issue and not clearing it up Dr. Austin had the right protocol to implement first before re-testing and then determining if antibiotics are needed. She always asks the right questions and provides the best care. She and her wonderful patient focused staff provide the best healing environment.

Genie B.

3 month

Kourtney is outstanding-! She makes me feel comfortable, knows her stuff, very professional, nothing but good things to say.

Robert B.

Nice office and good service

This is a convenient location with plenty of parking and everything from supplements to the service we great. I will be back for a full workup.


Best MD

I met Dr. Austin twice. During my 2 visits, I found that she is thorough, knowledgeable, caring and she paid 100% as to what I would like to accomplish! I hope that with her expertise, I could be youthful and live long and thrive!!!! Best MD in this field!!!!


Absolutely wonderful!

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had seeing a doctor! I will be back in send everyone I know. Thank you for your kindness!


PRP Appointment

My first PRP facial treatment was a breeze thanks to Nicole. There was no discomfort, the time spent was efficient and the setting was very comfortable. I will definitely repeat this treatment in a month!


Great doctors

Friendly and honest. I love this clinic. People treat you with care and kindness. They are honest when you ask questions. I like that because they dont try to fool you with vitamins or any other treatment just to get money. Great people and service.

Carmencita A.

PRP Shots – Highly Recommend

I was recommend by a good friend to Nicole for the O-Shot and Vampire Facial. Naturally, the o shot was slightly uncomfortable as would be imagined. However, the vampire facial was not in the least uncomfortable and the numbing cream she used worked great. She is friendly, professional, and compassionate and I would highly recommend their services.

Lee Anne F.

My First Visit with Dr. Austin

I enjoyed my first health consultation with Dr. Austin. She was personable and very knowledgeable about all aspects of functional and holistic health. Also, her ability to interrupt and explain a wide variety on blood testing results was impressive. She listened attentively as I explained my health issues, and worked up a supplement program tailored to my needs. I’m looking forward to my next consultation with her.

Rod E.

Courtney is great

I’m very satisfied with the staff. They are helpful, respectful, and always polite, and smiling. You don’t need a 100 characters.

Robert B.


The longer I work with Dr. Austin and her wonderful staff the more I am so appreciative of their knowledge and wisdom to achieve and maintain vibrant health! That’s what we all want and working with a doctor like Dr. Austin offers the opportunity. She is always ready to explain her recommendations and offer counsel to help my decision making.

Genie B.

Very helpful, as always

Dr. Austin is the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever had, especially regarding blood chemistry and how it relates to my health and comfort. She always has great suggestions for how to improve my health.


Looking for something different…

I have seen Dr. Austen in the past but met this time with Dr. Natasha and was very pleased. I would recommend both doctors – they are thorough, explain things well, and offer a treatment plan that can be customized to the individual. If you are tired of the traditional doctors and precscriptions I suggest you explore naturopathic care.

Irene T.

Ready to Get Started

I have my initial meeting with Kelly Austin and I was very impressed with her delivery of information and her “bedside” manner! I am hopeful for this process and look forward to taking the next steps towards managing my personal health and well being.

Stacey C.

Kelly Austin

I have been seeing Kelly Austin for at least 8 years and she is the best. She is so thorough and knowledgeable and takes her time to explain everything to you. I would highly recommend her to anyone

Marylouise H.

First doctor who could actually make me feel better!

I’ve never met a doctor before Dr. Austin who could actually make me feel better! Dr. Austin knows how to interpret tests to recommend a real treatment plan that works and is healthy for your body. I recommend her to all my friends and to anyone who want to feel better.

Danielle R.

Finally someone understands

Finding the right hormone doctor is not easy. Every person’s body is different and reacts differently. Blood work is required, but so is listening to the patient. Mariah listen to what was going on, and made changes that truly help. Pearla is diligent on the front desk and refills. Malia and Michelle are great with IV’s. A great combination staff. It is a financial and time commitment, but what is your health and well being worth to you? I have been a patient for 5 years. I think its worth it!

Mary R.

Dr Kelly Austin

Love the whole crew that Dr Kelly Austin has working for her…they are always so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is very knowledgeable in hormone replacement.

Marylouise H.


I recently had an appointment with Kelly. She is so sweet and listed to all of my concerns. She made recommendations and created a treatment plan for my Depression and Anxiety. Instead of through a prescription at me she created a plan to help my body heal itself. It is working wonders, I feel great! Almost to my old self. She followed up with me regularly and made sure I felt heard. I highly recommend her.

Jackie C.


I have been going to Dr. Austin since 2010. More recently, I am following up with her every 3 months for treatment of various conditions I have. She is very knowledgeable and and very thorough. The staff is also very knowledgeable and very helpful and professional. I would and have highly recommended Dr. Austin to friends and family. Thank you Dr. Austin and staff!!!

Kathleen C

I was impressed by her knowledge and good manners

I have been there only once and was totally impressed. Hope to return in the near future for follow up analysis and treatment.

Barbara R.

A Caring Team

Dr. Austin and her team always provide a warm, caring and compassionate atmosphere for health, healing and wellness! Whatever your health concerns may be you will always have their support with research, answers to questions and a listening ear. A most pleasant way to visit the doctor!

Genie B

Very Helpful!!

Another great visit with Prime Wellness. This time I had a new nurse practitioner named Mariah and she was excellent. I had a lot of light bulb moments; she was very knowledgeable, thorough, didn’t rush and all around extremely helpful! Thanks!

Cindy Q.


I am always impressed by the thoughtfulness and professionalism of this entire office! I now live out of state and continue to visit for my checkups, thats how great they are.

Marissa F.

Right direction for medical care

Women in our society live too long after their prime years, long enough to experience menopause, which leads to “alone, poor, and old.” I wish traditional medicine was oriented towards helping us, but, instead, we get marginalized, especially by our traditional doctors. Dr. Austin’s clinic is a step in the right direction, though I wish the idea of maintaining older women’s youth was more widely accepted. (I live in Washington State, which I find is sociologically backward.)


This is REAL health care

Dr. Austin provides the best kind of health care which is preventive, unlike traditional medicine that waits until you develop symptoms then tries to treat the symptoms, often without addressing underlying cause(s). When symptoms do arise, Dr. Austin treats with natural “medical foods” instead of drugs with dangerous side effects. Additionally, everyone in her office is knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and caring.

Barbara M.

Awesome Doctor and Team

Dr. Austin is an excellent doctor. She is knowledgeable and I can tell she truly cares and listens to my concerns. I never feel rushed. She always takes her time to explain my blood work thoroughly. Her whole team is very helpful and friendly.

Marylouise H.

So helpful!

Dr. Austin and her team are caring and knowledgeable. They always strive to understand what I want, to help me achieve my goals and to ensure my health is GOOD. So glad I found them!

Lori K.

in office appointment

Dr. Austin is the best! What I like the most is her depth of knowledge and creative approach to wellness. She reviewed my recent bloodwork line by line and had suggestions that were never even considered from my traditional GP & OBGYN. I appreciate the holistic/natural approach for long term wellness. Thank you!


Phone Appointment

Dr. Austin was so knowledgeable and so helpful with answering all of my questions. I feel like with her help I can get in control of the health issues that are of concern to me.

Tina V.

The only way to provide health care

As a pharmacist, I know what Dr. Austin provides is health care the way it ought to be. Good health does not come out of a prescription bottle. Our expensive “health care” system primarily treats and manages symptoms with drugs that often have side effects worse than the condition being treated. Real health care is a personal responsibility that is achieved by educating ourselves and working with a professional such as Dr. Austin. I highly recommend her.

Barbara M.

Phone consult

I am so appreciative of the excellent care and advice from the entire team here. Even though I have moved out of state I still continue to receive timely and professional care. Many thanks.

Marissa F.

Couldn’t be happier

Dr. Austin is so accurate, precise and pays attention to detail during a consultation. She has an inner knowing, and is brilliant in her diagnosis. Thank you so very much for choosing to be a physician, you truly make a difference in my world, every single time! 3 years of being your patient already.

Teresa T.

Appointment with Dr. Austin

Have been a patient for several years. Highly recommend Dr. Austin. She is very knowledgable and you always learn something new from her that is beneficial to your health.


Wonderful Practice

I am always helped quickly and efficiently by the staff at Dr. Austin’s. I have been a patient for years now and am very happy.

Gail O.

Health Guide

I have recently been challenged with my health and Dr. Austin has guided me and has taken the time to explain in detail the protocols to correct my condition. I so appreciate the she will research information for me to achieve the best outcome. I am very encouraged! Dr. Austin’s staff is very caring, professional and efficient with all my needs and I feel like family!

Genie B

I would recommend Dr. Austin

Dr. Austin is very knowledgeable and cares about her patients. I feel in good hands with her since she has helped me toward better health and well-being. Her staff is caring and I always feel taken care of. Happy to have found her!


Initial Reflections

My experience with Naturalpathy is very limited. After only a few months however I must admit that I have more energy than before. All the staff has been very professional and genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. So far so good!

Steve B

Dr. Austin – extremely knowledgable

Dr. Austin is extremely knowledge, thorough, and personable. Doesn’t miss a detail. I would highly recommend her.


A little hope

Everyone here is extremely nice. I got to see Dr Natasha for my first visit and I couldn’t be any happier to know I have someone to help me finally! I look forward to more appointments!


Partner in Health

Dr. Austin and her staff offer professional, caring and warm service to their patients. Her guidance and knowledge in your health journey makes all the difference in achieving results. My family and I have been the beneficiaries of her care since she began her practice and we feel very grateful to have her expertise in our own backyard!

Genie B

Perceptive wholistic evaluation of healthy normalization, agnostic of limitations (REALLY great)

Have been experiencing improved qualities of life, based on treatment from this doctor. Her staff is excellent, and the key elements of professional, courteous, competent, prompt, responsive and friendly are all checked for “Yes!” Definitely recommend getting blood tests and clarifying what is really going on with the body. If a diagnosis is reached it translates into a medically necessary treatment, and following guidance should be part of your protocol. Love this team.


New Patient–Amazing First Impression

Experienced Prime Wellness for the first time today for my initial consultation—from the front office to RN Kourtney, I felt I had been a client for years. Extremely knowledgeable, warm and caring staff! Amazing First Impression.


Nanaette C

Excellent Staff

I have been going here since last November. I came in with a host of problems and we are working through them. EVERYONE here is fantastic and they do their best to provide you with excellent care. Very knowledgeable and will get answers for you!


Cindy Q

Iv Vitamin drip

I can always bank on Michelle to find my vein for my iv vitamin drip..i always add the glutithion for running legs and hips..totally saves me on those big trail runs!!!

Michelle W

Partners in Health

Prime Wellness in Rancho Bernardo with Dr. Austin and her staff have been my partners in health for over 6 years. I so appreciate working with a doctor who takes the time to listens, offers options, educates and wants you to succeed with your health goals. Natural and functional medicine is effective and gives me the best benefits to achieving optimal health. I wouldn’t go any where else because this works!

Genie B

Caring Doctor and staff

Dr. Austin’s focus is on my total well-being. Her treatment, and following her dietary recommendations, has improved my health and happiness. Her office staff is terrific!


Brenda Daniels


Excellent as always. Caring and efficient. Blood draw was painless. I will recommend you and your team To anyone in search of excellence In healthcare.


Sam P

A Life Saving Choice

Seven years into menopause and I was unhealthy and insane.I had been offered the standard treatment of synthetic hormones and antidepressants through my Kaiser doctor 5 years earlier but I refused and sought out an alternative doctor after moving to RB. With my first labs in hand, Dr. Austin immediately recognized a calcium imbalance ie; parathyroid disease.Three surgeries later and with the addition of bio-identical HRT, I can safely and sanely tell you that Dr. Austin literally saved my life!


Cheyenne H

Best care I have ever received.

Prime Wellness was a referral through a good friend. I had told her about my issues that I had been having for approximately 20 years and she told me to see Dr. Austin. Although the expenses have been out of my current budget, I am so thankful I listened to the clinic and followed through on the tests and everything else I was instructed to do. I am feeling better every day and have an answer to what has been wrong with me. I highly recommend them!!

Pepper Dee

Excellent care

Dr. Austin and the whole staff are thoughtful, caring, and highly competent. My experience has been excellent! I am finally feeling my energy return!

Odile Meister

Dr Austin is top notch!

my experience with current HMO and the regular healthcare plan was literally making me sick. I was told I had cancer to crones to maybe even MS. Dr Austin was a very good breath of fresh news. Hormones off, but most everything else aside from some diet changes on food intolerance was great. Also she found out I do not absorb Iron so need to be in shot form. Told my HMOS, my Primary Physcian said lets run tests, came back as true, but guess what? They do not give iron shots! Hmmm


Amy Miller

Hormones….. xoxo

I am 54 years old and a month into bio-identical, cyclic hormones. Menopause was easy for me and then it felt like overnight, just recently, I became old… with my first month of hormones– my hair is not falling out in clumps, pain “down there” is almost gone, I feel engaged and happier– clearly getting back to my old self. I understand it takes 3 months to have a lot of the other issues resolved… (libido for example), and I have great hope. Dr. Austin is brilliant! :-)



Follow Up is Everything

After 3 years of searching for relief from my pain and lack of energy, I visited Dr. Austin. She listened. What a novel idea for a doctor! I followed her initial recommendations. When we met again to discuss my blood work she encouraged me to stick to the protocol, but I already knew that I would. For the first time in 3 years my all-over pain was GONE! My next visit showed significant lab improvements. Finally, a doctor who heals! I’m on my way to health again.Thank you Dr. Austin & Staff


Deborah P

Great Experience

My second time to Prime Wellness. First, I went for my consultation and today for blood tests and vitamin B shots. Staff is fantastic ie. courteous, helpful, enthusiastic, and most importantly they listen to what you are saying.Was impressed with their lobby and the products they carry along with the books and information I am looking forward to my next appointment and feeling better. Thank you!


Cindy Q

Grateful for Prime Wellness!

I have been going to Prime Wellness for almost 2 years and feel grateful for Dr. Austin and staff. They are always positive and courteous, helpful and caring. My health has improved greatly since going there and I love the natural approach to wellness. I highly recommend Prime Wellness !

Gail O'Grady


I have been seeing Dr. Austin for a number of years and am totally satisfied with her knowledge and treatments. The office RN’s are most helpful and very knowledgeable and skilled in their profession.

Don T

Fantastic-has helped me so much

Very impressed with the depth of assessments routine to Drs Austins’ practice. Detailed information, comprehensive treatment based on changing what is causing problem rather than living with the problem and treating the symptoms. This is how medicine should be practiced. Love the office staff and RN’s-so helpful and smart!


Julia L

Dr. Austin is a blessing

My traditionally trained primary care physician only knows how to treat symptoms. Dr. Austin knows how to find and treat underlying issues that cause the symptoms. On top of that benefit, the entire office staff is knowledgeable and friendly. An unbeatable combination.

Barbara Morris

Experience with Dr. Kelly’s Office

I had a great experience with the staff at Dr. Kelly’s office as well as with Dr. Kelly. Dr. Kelly and the staff are incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, competent and also nice people. I have never had a doctor’s office that hits every area!!

Judy M

Lost: Energy and Libido Found: Dr. Austin!

When I moved to San Diego I knew I would have to find a naturopathic doctor who could keep me on track with the hormone treatment I had begun in AZ. I found Prime Wellness and Dr. Austin. When I went to Dr. Austin’s office I was experiencing knee pain and inflammation to the point of barely being able to walk up and down steps. My new regimen of supplements and hormones has given me the ability to walk my dogs, pain free and, the hormone treatment has helped me to feel like a loving wife again.


Cathie Hochuli

Dr. Kelley Austin and staff

Dr. Austin was recommended to me by my chiropractor. I am so glad I found her. I knew something wasn’t right with my body and my regular doctors said I was fine. Dr. Austin was not only able to find the problem I was having but found a solution to it…naturally! I have complete trust in Dr. Austin and would highly recommend her. Her staff is friendly and always very happy to be of help.

Cathy W

Dr. Kelly Austin and Staff

I chose Dr. Austin to prescribe hormone therapy for me, and it has made an amazing difference in the way I feel. She is passionate about treating the whole person, and spends time educating her patients. I highly recommend Prime Wellness!


21st century health care

this office is a fine example of what the future of health care should be. Treat the person not prescribe a pill for a symptom. The evidence is clear. We spend more on health care in this country than in all other countries yet are far down the list of the healthiest. Cronic disease runs ramped. Hats off to this medical team that knows that this wonderful body we’ve been given has remarkable abilities to heal itself if given a chance.

Jim S

Excellent care friendly and knowledgeable staff

I am new to the area and my first order of business was to find a wellness center that could help get me back on track with my health and help balance my hormones. My appointments at Prime Wellness have given me knowledge and information which have helped me to move towards a healthier lifestyle. When I went in I was suffering from knee pain and the supplements I was given have helped ease the swelling and pain. Anyone seeking better health and wellness will find benefits at Prime Wellness


Blood Draw

The tall redheaded nurse (sorry, forgot her name) was very proffessional; did the draw quickly and easily. She offered information and answered my question fully. I give her five sars..

Ellen Louis-Maubert

Highly recommend Dr. Austin

Dr. Austin has transform my life, from eating habits, quality of food, and body awareness , as a cancer recovering patient her consultation and recommendations have improve my quality of life..

Robert Bafia

Awesome, they make you feel like family

The doctor is very caring and very knowledgable. She takes the time to explain every detail. The staff are very friendly and competent. As a team, they make you feel like family.

Sam Parsi

Dr Austin is awesome!

Dr Austin is very thorough and is very up on all the new interventions for general health as well as Autoimmune disease! I would highly recommend her!


Life changing!

I could not be more satisfied with the level of care and service provided by Kelly Austins RB office. I’m convinced that hormone replacement therapy and stabilizing my sleep and energy patterns has had a life changing effect on my well being, not to mention my family. Thank you Dr. Austin and the entire office team.

Shannon S


I was impressed with the staff and Dr. Etri. All were very kind and listened, very unlike many MD offices that I have been to in the past few years. For first time patients it is important to make both your initial and first follow-up appointment at the same time otherwise, you may have to wait awhile for the first follow-up appointment. The staff was very accommodating to get me in to see Dr. Austin after I failed to make the first follow-up appointment before the initial one.


Prime Wellness

I was referred to this place by my wife who went after being referred by a girlfriend of hers. I have been to other “anti-aging” doctors before, but not like this. The approach is so different and cutting edge that it made a real difference in my overall health. I would urge anyone interested in peak health, particularly with aging issues to give Dr Austin a try. She is great and her staff is super also.


Dr. Austin is very knowledgeable

Dr. Austin is so knowledgeable and caring. What I particularly appreciate is that she uses blood analyses to determine the patient’s level of wellness. This makes far more sense to me than traditional medicine’s “Let me guess what is wrong with you” approach to treating symptoms.

Barbara Morris

Dr Austin

Dr Austin is very thorough and relies heavily on blood work to determine the course of treatment, and to regulate the treatment dosage particularly with hormone treatment. Her prices are not cheap, and since insurance doesn’t cover naturopaths, it is particularly expensive. However, my experience has been that not all alternative medical providers are created equal. I spent a good sum of money going to three other alternative medical care providers without meaningful results. She’s worth it.

Stan Walker

A top-notch team!

Dr. Austin and her entire staff are so professional yet approachable. Dr. Austin has been very helpful treating my Hashimoto’s and reviewing lab reports with me. She keeps current with all the latest developments and readily shares this information with her patients.


Care you can count on

I’ve been a client of Dr Austins for several years and am SO impressed with her diligence, care and the professionalism of her staff. I always receive prompt replies to my questions and concerns. Dr A uses natural remedies and solutions to support ones own body in remembering its natural state of good health. She has helped me to navigate the bumpy waters of menopause and regain my vitality. I am so grateful!

Maggie C

Excellent Care

I am so impressed with Dr. Kelly Austin and her staff. She sat down and went over my lab reports line by line- amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and I trust her wise care and advice. I’ve appreciated the great communication with Dr. Austin and the staff. I get quick responses from my emails or phone calls and the office staff and nurses are very kind and friendly.

Laura Miller

Very satisfied!

I am very happy with the treatments I am receiving from Sondra. She is very professional and helpful. Having never had acupuncture treatments before I did not know what to expect, but she made me feel very comfortable. That treatments seem to be helping to reduce my pain level.

Connie O

Best Doctor Ever!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Austin for about 3 years now .. she has been a life saver. She is very knowledgable and provides me the most up to date treatment options.

Janet C

Exceptional care!

I consider to have found Dr. Austin quite a miracle and blessing! While I am a work in progress the changes that have taken place so far in my health are astounding! I highly recommend and worth every penny!


Great Care

I am so happy to have found Dr. Austin and her staff. Finally I found a Dr. who could actually help . I receive personalized and professional care here and seeing results!


Helpful care

Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful care. I appreciate the helpfulness of the staff and the knowledge and care of Dr. Austin. I especially appreciate how they listen to me and work with me to better my health.


infusion treatment

Began receiving perriodic infusions for maintenance of chronic disease. Staff is experienced, compassionate and they listen. First rate Naturopathic clinic.

Jim S

Concerned natural dr.’s for women

Initial appointment was routine. The Dr. seemed knowledgeable and genuinely interested in my health concerns. I plan to return and anticipate being a long-term patient for bio identical hormone replacements and health supplement needs; such as B-12 shot.

Shannon S

Finally, I got some much needed help!

After two years of struggling with my DR. and OB to figure out my hormone issues I found Dr. Austin! It has changed my life and saved my marriage!


Check Up

Have been under Dr. Austin’s care for about three years now. She’s educated me on ways of improving my quality of life, of aging gracefully, and staying on top of my active lifestyle. Dr. Austin’s is also a good listener, caring, and patient. I am one of her many fans!!!!!

Shirley Wahlgren

Holistic healthcare

I wish I’d found Dr. Austin sooner. Her comprehensive view of my health combined with the goal of optimizing my well-being has made me a healthier, happier, person than I was a year ago. She’s sharp, caring, and thorough. Highly recommended for those who want to do more than just fix health problems.

Vince K

Naturopathic Medicine

I’ve been with Dr. Austen for almost a year now, and the experience has been great. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Her emphasis on preventative medicine is a welcome relief from most doctors I have seen in the past. The office staff is very friendly and personable. Highly recommended!

Jay M


My recent appointment with Dr. Austin was so enlightening re: some health concerns I’ve had. Together, which is key, we discussed the best protocols to manage my health and attain positive results. I so appreciate her knowledge, warmth and care!

Genie B

Intake was very thorough.

I just completed the intake session; I feel I had a chance to present my health issues and questions, the procedure was explained to me, and I got my labs scheduled promply to expedite my appt. with Dr. Austin. I was given a probiotic and I do feel better already!

Ruth J

Amazing Experience!

Sandra is wonderful! The acupuncture treatment I received was full of compassion and comfort. I felt very taken care of and I am definitely feeling better. I can’t wait to go back! Thank you Prime Wellness!

Christine George

Healthy and happy.

Dr. Austin is very intelligent, caring and compassionate. Dr. Austin has custom tailored a treatment plan to meet my individual concerns. I feel good, think more clearly and perform physically better. The staff are all friendly and very knowledgeable .

Andrew Mogi

Health Partner

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Kelly Austin and have so appreciated her approach to “partner” with me and my family to achieve wellness. She always has natural and effective protocols that deliver results. It is so refreshing to work with a doctor who supports you in a very personal manner along with her amazing staff.

Genie B

Friendly and knowledgable!

At my first visit I was greeted by Dr. Austin who took the time to answer my questions and give me additional information that was helpful. The staff were all very friendly and efficient.

Stefanie Williams

No Pain!!

While waiting on my insurance to approve epidurals for my neck and lower back I came across an ad for CNH. I was skeptic but thought I had nothing to lose. I have been off daily pain medication since the day after my 1st IV! My Mom has been getting the B12/B6 shots and feels much better. The great staff is just a bonus.

Leanne C

Caring and Knowledgable

Dr. Austin and her staff are wonderful. They really care about your wellbeing. Dr Austin listens to you rconcerns and works with you at every step to make sure you get the correct treatment for you. It is a pleasure working with such a wonderful staff.

Annie Beal

A supportive, enthusiastic partner for your wellbeing.

I have been working with Dr. Austin for several years now and she has always been so supportive of trying different approaches and allowing there to be an exploration of what might work best for me, very individual treatment that I really appreciate. Dr. Austin is able to explain things in an easy to understand way and she cares about your wellbeing!

Vikki Morris

A doctor who talks with parents rather than at them

My wife and I are well versed in the area biomedical treatments due to our austisitc son. In the past, we have travelled to doctors in Orange County for such appointments. It was great to find a doctor locally who is well versed in biomedical treatments for austism. During our initial consulation, the conversation was well suited for our level of understanding and knowledge. We truly look forward to continuing our work with Dr. Austin.

Paul T

Great Experience at Prime Wellness

I felt like I needed a doctor who listened and cared about what I was saying! The entire experience was wonderful! I have never connected so much with a healthcare provider! Dr. Austin took the time to explain things to me and most importantly to LISTEN to me! I am excited about the changes to come!!


Positive Results

I have been seeing Dr. Kelly Austin for over a year now and there has been a remarkable change in my health. I have lost weight, I don’t feel as tired, I feel at least 20 years younger in all ways and all of my health scores on my blood tests show a huge improvement and are now in line with normal. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to accomplish the same or similar goals.