Perceptive wholistic evaluation of healthy normalization, agnostic of limitations (REALLY great)

“Have been experiencing improved qualities of life, based on treatment from this doctor. Her staff is excellent, and the key elements of professional, courteous, competent, prompt, responsive and friendly are all checked for “Yes!” Definitely recommend getting blood tests and clarifying what is really going on with the body. If a diagnosis is reached it translates into a medically necessary treatment, and following guidance should be part of your protocol. Love this team. “

New Patient–Amazing First Impression

Experienced Prime Wellness for the first time today for my initial consultation—from the front office to RN Kourtney, I felt I had been a client for years. Extremely knowledgeable, warm and caring staff! Amazing First Impression.


Nanaette C

Excellent Staff

I have been going here since last November. I came in with a host of problems and we are working through them. EVERYONE here is fantastic and they do their best to provide you with excellent care. Very knowledgeable and will get answers for you!


Cindy Q

Iv Vitamin drip

I can always bank on Michelle to find my vein for my iv vitamin drip..i always add the glutithion for running legs and hips..totally saves me on those big trail runs!!!

Michelle W

Partners in Health

Prime Wellness in Rancho Bernardo with Dr. Austin and her staff have been my partners in health for over 6 years. I so appreciate working with a doctor who takes the time to listens, offers options, educates and wants you to succeed with your health goals. Natural and functional medicine is effective and gives me the best benefits to achieving optimal health. I wouldn’t go any where else because this works!

Genie B

Caring Doctor and staff

Dr. Austin’s focus is on my total well-being. Her treatment, and following her dietary recommendations, has improved my health and happiness. Her office staff is terrific!


Brenda Daniels


Excellent as always. Caring and efficient. Blood draw was painless. I will recommend you and your team To anyone in search of excellence In healthcare.


Sam P

A Life Saving Choice

Seven years into menopause and I was unhealthy and insane.I had been offered the standard treatment of synthetic hormones and antidepressants through my Kaiser doctor 5 years earlier but I refused and sought out an alternative doctor after moving to RB. With my first labs in hand, Dr. Austin immediately recognized a calcium imbalance ie; parathyroid disease.Three surgeries later and with the addition of bio-identical HRT, I can safely and sanely tell you that Dr. Austin literally saved my life!


Cheyenne H

Best care I have ever received.

Prime Wellness was a referral through a good friend. I had told her about my issues that I had been having for approximately 20 years and she told me to see Dr. Austin. Although the expenses have been out of my current budget, I am so thankful I listened to the clinic and followed through on the tests and everything else I was instructed to do. I am feeling better every day and have an answer to what has been wrong with me. I highly recommend them!!

Pepper Dee

Excellent care

Dr. Austin and the whole staff are thoughtful, caring, and highly competent. My experience has been excellent! I am finally feeling my energy return!

Odile Meister

Dr Austin is top notch!

my experience with current HMO and the regular healthcare plan was literally making me sick. I was told I had cancer to crones to maybe even MS. Dr Austin was a very good breath of fresh news. Hormones off, but most everything else aside from some diet changes on food intolerance was great. Also she found out I do not absorb Iron so need to be in shot form. Told my HMOS, my Primary Physcian said lets run tests, came back as true, but guess what? They do not give iron shots! Hmmm


Amy Miller

Hormones….. xoxo

I am 54 years old and a month into bio-identical, cyclic hormones. Menopause was easy for me and then it felt like overnight, just recently, I became old… with my first month of hormones– my hair is not falling out in clumps, pain “down there” is almost gone, I feel engaged and happier– clearly getting back to my old self. I understand it takes 3 months to have a lot of the other issues resolved… (libido for example), and I have great hope. Dr. Austin is brilliant! :-)



Follow Up is Everything

After 3 years of searching for relief from my pain and lack of energy, I visited Dr. Austin. She listened. What a novel idea for a doctor! I followed her initial recommendations. When we met again to discuss my blood work she encouraged me to stick to the protocol, but I already knew that I would. For the first time in 3 years my all-over pain was GONE! My next visit showed significant lab improvements. Finally, a doctor who heals! I’m on my way to health again.Thank you Dr. Austin & Staff


Deborah P

Great Experience

My second time to Prime Wellness. First, I went for my consultation and today for blood tests and vitamin B shots. Staff is fantastic ie. courteous, helpful, enthusiastic, and most importantly they listen to what you are saying.Was impressed with their lobby and the products they carry along with the books and information I am looking forward to my next appointment and feeling better. Thank you!


Cindy Q

Grateful for Prime Wellness!

I have been going to Prime Wellness for almost 2 years and feel grateful for Dr. Austin and staff. They are always positive and courteous, helpful and caring. My health has improved greatly since going there and I love the natural approach to wellness. I highly recommend Prime Wellness !

Gail O'Grady


I have been seeing Dr. Austin for a number of years and am totally satisfied with her knowledge and treatments. The office RN’s are most helpful and very knowledgeable and skilled in their profession.

Don T

Fantastic-has helped me so much

Very impressed with the depth of assessments routine to Drs Austins’ practice. Detailed information, comprehensive treatment based on changing what is causing problem rather than living with the problem and treating the symptoms. This is how medicine should be practiced. Love the office staff and RN’s-so helpful and smart!


Julia L

Dr. Austin is a blessing

My traditionally trained primary care physician only knows how to treat symptoms. Dr. Austin knows how to find and treat underlying issues that cause the symptoms. On top of that benefit, the entire office staff is knowledgeable and friendly. An unbeatable combination.

Barbara Morris

Experience with Dr. Kelly’s Office

I had a great experience with the staff at Dr. Kelly’s office as well as with Dr. Kelly. Dr. Kelly and the staff are incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, competent and also nice people. I have never had a doctor’s office that hits every area!!

Judy M

Lost: Energy and Libido Found: Dr. Austin!

When I moved to San Diego I knew I would have to find a naturopathic doctor who could keep me on track with the hormone treatment I had begun in AZ. I found Prime Wellness and Dr. Austin. When I went to Dr. Austin’s office I was experiencing knee pain and inflammation to the point of barely being able to walk up and down steps. My new regimen of supplements and hormones has given me the ability to walk my dogs, pain free and, the hormone treatment has helped me to feel like a loving wife again.


Cathie Hochuli

Dr. Kelley Austin and staff

Dr. Austin was recommended to me by my chiropractor. I am so glad I found her. I knew something wasn’t right with my body and my regular doctors said I was fine. Dr. Austin was not only able to find the problem I was having but found a solution to it…naturally! I have complete trust in Dr. Austin and would highly recommend her. Her staff is friendly and always very happy to be of help.

Cathy W

Dr. Kelly Austin and Staff

I chose Dr. Austin to prescribe hormone therapy for me, and it has made an amazing difference in the way I feel. She is passionate about treating the whole person, and spends time educating her patients. I highly recommend Prime Wellness!


21st century health care

this office is a fine example of what the future of health care should be. Treat the person not prescribe a pill for a symptom. The evidence is clear. We spend more on health care in this country than in all other countries yet are far down the list of the healthiest. Cronic disease runs ramped. Hats off to this medical team that knows that this wonderful body we’ve been given has remarkable abilities to heal itself if given a chance.

Jim S

Excellent care friendly and knowledgeable staff

I am new to the area and my first order of business was to find a wellness center that could help get me back on track with my health and help balance my hormones. My appointments at Prime Wellness have given me knowledge and information which have helped me to move towards a healthier lifestyle. When I went in I was suffering from knee pain and the supplements I was given have helped ease the swelling and pain. Anyone seeking better health and wellness will find benefits at Prime Wellness


Blood Draw

The tall redheaded nurse (sorry, forgot her name) was very proffessional; did the draw quickly and easily. She offered information and answered my question fully. I give her five sars..

Ellen Louis-Maubert

Highly recommend Dr. Austin

Dr. Austin has transform my life, from eating habits, quality of food, and body awareness , as a cancer recovering patient her consultation and recommendations have improve my quality of life..

Robert Bafia

Dr Austin is awesome!

Dr Austin is very thorough and is very up on all the new interventions for general health as well as Autoimmune disease! I would highly recommend her!


Awesome, they make you feel like family

The doctor is very caring and very knowledgable. She takes the time to explain every detail. The staff are very friendly and competent. As a team, they make you feel like family.

Sam Parsi

Life changing!

I could not be more satisfied with the level of care and service provided by Kelly Austins RB office. I’m convinced that hormone replacement therapy and stabilizing my sleep and energy patterns has had a life changing effect on my well being, not to mention my family. Thank you Dr. Austin and the entire office team.

Shannon S


I was impressed with the staff and Dr. Etri. All were very kind and listened, very unlike many MD offices that I have been to in the past few years. For first time patients it is important to make both your initial and first follow-up appointment at the same time otherwise, you may have to wait awhile for the first follow-up appointment. The staff was very accommodating to get me in to see Dr. Austin after I failed to make the first follow-up appointment before the initial one.


Prime Wellness

I was referred to this place by my wife who went after being referred by a girlfriend of hers. I have been to other “anti-aging” doctors before, but not like this. The approach is so different and cutting edge that it made a real difference in my overall health. I would urge anyone interested in peak health, particularly with aging issues to give Dr Austin a try. She is great and her staff is super also.


Dr. Austin is very knowledgeable

Dr. Austin is so knowledgeable and caring. What I particularly appreciate is that she uses blood analyses to determine the patient’s level of wellness. This makes far more sense to me than traditional medicine’s “Let me guess what is wrong with you” approach to treating symptoms.

Barbara Morris

Dr Austin

Dr Austin is very thorough and relies heavily on blood work to determine the course of treatment, and to regulate the treatment dosage particularly with hormone treatment. Her prices are not cheap, and since insurance doesn’t cover naturopaths, it is particularly expensive. However, my experience has been that not all alternative medical providers are created equal. I spent a good sum of money going to three other alternative medical care providers without meaningful results. She’s worth it.

Stan Walker

A top-notch team!

Dr. Austin and her entire staff are so professional yet approachable. Dr. Austin has been very helpful treating my Hashimoto’s and reviewing lab reports with me. She keeps current with all the latest developments and readily shares this information with her patients.


Care you can count on

I’ve been a client of Dr Austins for several years and am SO impressed with her diligence, care and the professionalism of her staff. I always receive prompt replies to my questions and concerns. Dr A uses natural remedies and solutions to support ones own body in remembering its natural state of good health. She has helped me to navigate the bumpy waters of menopause and regain my vitality. I am so grateful!

Maggie C

Excellent Care

I am so impressed with Dr. Kelly Austin and her staff. She sat down and went over my lab reports line by line- amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and I trust her wise care and advice. I’ve appreciated the great communication with Dr. Austin and the staff. I get quick responses from my emails or phone calls and the office staff and nurses are very kind and friendly.

Laura Miller

Very satisfied!

I am very happy with the treatments I am receiving from Sondra. She is very professional and helpful. Having never had acupuncture treatments before I did not know what to expect, but she made me feel very comfortable. That treatments seem to be helping to reduce my pain level.

Connie O

Best Doctor Ever!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Austin for about 3 years now .. she has been a life saver. She is very knowledgable and provides me the most up to date treatment options.

Janet C

Exceptional care!

I consider to have found Dr. Austin quite a miracle and blessing! While I am a work in progress the changes that have taken place so far in my health are astounding! I highly recommend and worth every penny!


Great Care

I am so happy to have found Dr. Austin and her staff. Finally I found a Dr. who could actually help . I receive personalized and professional care here and seeing results!


Helpful care

Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful care. I appreciate the helpfulness of the staff and the knowledge and care of Dr. Austin. I especially appreciate how they listen to me and work with me to better my health.


infusion treatment

Began receiving perriodic infusions for maintenance of chronic disease. Staff is experienced, compassionate and they listen. First rate Naturopathic clinic.

Jim S

Concerned natural dr.’s for women

Initial appointment was routine. The Dr. seemed knowledgeable and genuinely interested in my health concerns. I plan to return and anticipate being a long-term patient for bio identical hormone replacements and health supplement needs; such as B-12 shot.

Shannon S

Finally, I got some much needed help!

After two years of struggling with my DR. and OB to figure out my hormone issues I found Dr. Austin! It has changed my life and saved my marriage!


Check Up

Have been under Dr. Austin’s care for about three years now. She’s educated me on ways of improving my quality of life, of aging gracefully, and staying on top of my active lifestyle. Dr. Austin’s is also a good listener, caring, and patient. I am one of her many fans!!!!!

Shirley Wahlgren

Naturopathic Medicine

I’ve been with Dr. Austen for almost a year now, and the experience has been great. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Her emphasis on preventative medicine is a welcome relief from most doctors I have seen in the past. The office staff is very friendly and personable. Highly recommended!

Jay M

Holistic healthcare

I wish I’d found Dr. Austin sooner. Her comprehensive view of my health combined with the goal of optimizing my well-being has made me a healthier, happier, person than I was a year ago. She’s sharp, caring, and thorough. Highly recommended for those who want to do more than just fix health problems.

Vince K


My recent appointment with Dr. Austin was so enlightening re: some health concerns I’ve had. Together, which is key, we discussed the best protocols to manage my health and attain positive results. I so appreciate her knowledge, warmth and care!

Genie B

Intake was very thorough.

I just completed the intake session; I feel I had a chance to present my health issues and questions, the procedure was explained to me, and I got my labs scheduled promply to expedite my appt. with Dr. Austin. I was given a probiotic and I do feel better already!

Ruth J

Amazing Experience!

Sandra is wonderful! The acupuncture treatment I received was full of compassion and comfort. I felt very taken care of and I am definitely feeling better. I can’t wait to go back! Thank you Prime Wellness!

Christine George

Healthy and happy.

Dr. Austin is very intelligent, caring and compassionate. Dr. Austin has custom tailored a treatment plan to meet my individual concerns. I feel good, think more clearly and perform physically better. The staff are all friendly and very knowledgeable .

Andrew Mogi

Health Partner

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Kelly Austin and have so appreciated her approach to “partner” with me and my family to achieve wellness. She always has natural and effective protocols that deliver results. It is so refreshing to work with a doctor who supports you in a very personal manner along with her amazing staff.

Genie B

Friendly and knowledgable!

At my first visit I was greeted by Dr. Austin who took the time to answer my questions and give me additional information that was helpful. The staff were all very friendly and efficient.

Stefanie Williams

No Pain!!

While waiting on my insurance to approve epidurals for my neck and lower back I came across an ad for CNH. I was skeptic but thought I had nothing to lose. I have been off daily pain medication since the day after my 1st IV! My Mom has been getting the B12/B6 shots and feels much better. The great staff is just a bonus.

Leanne C

Caring and Knowledgable

Dr. Austin and her staff are wonderful. They really care about your wellbeing. Dr Austin listens to you rconcerns and works with you at every step to make sure you get the correct treatment for you. It is a pleasure working with such a wonderful staff.

Annie Beal

A supportive, enthusiastic partner for your wellbeing.

I have been working with Dr. Austin for several years now and she has always been so supportive of trying different approaches and allowing there to be an exploration of what might work best for me, very individual treatment that I really appreciate. Dr. Austin is able to explain things in an easy to understand way and she cares about your wellbeing!

Vikki Morris

A doctor who talks with parents rather than at them

My wife and I are well versed in the area biomedical treatments due to our austisitc son. In the past, we have travelled to doctors in Orange County for such appointments. It was great to find a doctor locally who is well versed in biomedical treatments for austism. During our initial consulation, the conversation was well suited for our level of understanding and knowledge. We truly look forward to continuing our work with Dr. Austin.

Paul T

Great Experience at Prime Wellness

I felt like I needed a doctor who listened and cared about what I was saying! The entire experience was wonderful! I have never connected so much with a healthcare provider! Dr. Austin took the time to explain things to me and most importantly to LISTEN to me! I am excited about the changes to come!!


Positive Results

I have been seeing Dr. Kelly Austin for over a year now and there has been a remarkable change in my health. I have lost weight, I don’t feel as tired, I feel at least 20 years younger in all ways and all of my health scores on my blood tests show a huge improvement and are now in line with normal. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to accomplish the same or similar goals.