Weight Management: How to control yo-yo dieting & cravings

Specializing in Endocrinology metabolism, Dr. Austin addresses the following:

– weight management
– specializing in binge eating disorder & yo-yo dieting
– reducing the stressors (addressing the mental and emotional side of eating)
– the science behind fat loss
– why your hormones want you to be fat and how to change this
– address the circadian rhythm of the body and why sleep and the hormones it creates controls weight
– address cravings
– address how all hormones tie into each other (thryoid and estrogen, testosterone and progesterone interact for a healthy body)
– address what you need to do for long term health and to keep a healthy body weight
– supplements and bio-idential hormones needed for hormone control, weight management
– exericise you need to keep healthy
– how to nourish your body and what foods are needed to be healthy
– reset your body’s set point weight so the weight stays off for good
– learn how body fat releases hormones that cause cardiovascular problems and how to stop this from occuring
– learn how the digestive system controls neurotransmitters and your moods