Wiley Protocol® for Women

Biomimetic Estradiol & Progesterone

Mimics Your Natural Hormones at Age 20

Designed to Vary Throughout 28-day Cycle

Wiley Protocol® for Men

Biomimetic  DHEA and Testosterone

Varies Seasonally

No Need for Aromatase Inhibition


Wiley Protocol Sparc™ Therapy

Rhythmically Dosed Cortisol

Enhances Day-light Hours Energy

Mimics Adrenal Glands’ Cycle

Wiley Protocol Snooz™

Rhythmically Dosed Melatonin

Regulates Sleep Cycle

Relieves Stress and Anxiety


Wiley Protocol Lipogenerative Crème™

Smooths Out Lines

Stimulates Collagen Production

Absorbs Quickly, Not Greasy

Vaginal Hormone Cream

Estrogen for Local Application

Relieves Vaginal Dryness

Improves Bladder Control

BHRT: Optimal Way to Restore Balance

Hormones used in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) are chemically indistinguishable from their natural human equivalents. The body responds to both in the very same way.

Bio-identical hormones are derived from plants and compounded by licensed pharmacists.  Active ingredients are single-sourced to guarantee quality.

The Wiley Protocol®

Unlike all other bio-identical or synthetic therapies, The Wiley Protocol® employs variable doses to match the body’s natural rhythms.

Having helped hundreds of patients with this treatment, Dr. Austin is the most experienced Wiley Protocol® practitioner in San Diego County.

Other Protocols

In addition to The Wiley Protocol® , we often treat hormone imbalances using static dose hormone replacement therapy, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle adjustments.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Experts

Using the best available lab tests, your whole hormone cascade is analyzed to map how each hormone affects others.

Your prescription is painstakingly calculated to deliver the precise dose to re-balance your hormones. Application in cream form bypasses the liver and the digestive tract, maintains consistent metabolic levels, and allows fast dosage adjustments in fine increments.

Progress is closely monitored quarterly.

Superior Approach for Better Results

Sadly, while many providers prescribe hormones, many lack sufficient training and experience.

All hormones are interlinked. Treating only one in isolation (e.g. estrogen) can be ineffective and harmful. Complex interactions among feedback loops, conversions and metabolites demand a holistic approach.

“One size fits all” protocols are insufficient. Careful testing, individualized dosing and ongoing monitoring are essential.

Hormone Balance Vital for Wellness

Women and men of various ages may benefit from treating debilitating hormonal imbalance symptoms with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy:

for all for women  for men

Build Muscle
Enhance Libido
Rejuvenate Skin
Improve Mood & Sleep
Support Memory & Cognition
Accelerate Exercise Recovery

Support Through Menopause
Prevent Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
Bypass Menopause Altogether
Premature Menopause after Hysterectomy
Regulate Period Without Birth Control Pills
Ease Cycles
Add Bone Mass Without Medications
Treat Vaginal Dryness

Feel Stronger & Energized
Enhance Sexual Function
Support Through Andropause*
* male counterpart to menopause

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