Podcast: Eating Disorders Professionals

Dr. Austin featured on eating disorder professionals podcast.  Click here to hear the discussion.

In this episode we covered:

0:33 – Caller Question – We’re talking about Female Athlete Triad Syndrome, is there a similar syndrome that affects males?
4:30 – What are the symptoms of the male form of Female Athlete Triad Syndrome?
5:28 – About Dr. Kelly Austin
7:44 – What is Female Athlete Triad Syndrome?
8:20 – Have you seen more osteoporosis and osteopenia in patients in the last 5-10 years?
10:30 – What causes Female Athlete Triad Syndrome?
12:29 – Does Female Triad Athlete Syndrome affect females involved in certain sports more than others?
14:04 – Are there things that coaches could do differently that might help prevent Female Triad Athlete Syndrome?
17:28 – What role does the endocrine system play in Female Athlete Triad Syndrome?
20:03 – What are some signs that a woman has Female Athlete Triad Syndrome?
21:10 – What is an appropriate range of body fat for women?
22:51 – If an individual presents with Female Athlete Triad Syndrome, what treatment is most successful?
27:56 – What kind of lifestyle changes do you recommend for individuals with Female Athlete Triad Syndrome?
40:46 – Is Female Athlete Triad Syndrome reversible?