prp injections in San Diego

PRP Injections: Skin Health, Hair Regrowth, and Aesthetics

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Irisin – The Exercise Hormone You’ve Never Heard Of

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iv vitamin therapy in San Diego

The Top 8 Most Notable Benefits Of IV Therapy

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healthy thyroid diet

How To Eat A Healthy Thyroid Diet In 2021

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Skin Care Ingredients: Are Popular Products Making Your Acne Worse?

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Maca Root for Natural Fertility

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Everything You Need to Know About a Healthy HPA Axis

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5 Factors That Can Affect Fertility Levels

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Simple Ways to Maintain Emotional and Mental Vitality

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Daily Habits for Good Mental Health

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Keeping Your Brain Healthy

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The Correlation Between Nutrition and Mental Wellness

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6 Ways On How To Get Better Focus Returning To School As An Adult

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Improve Your Focus and Limit Distractions With These Top Tips

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Hormones that Affect Weight Gain for Men and Women

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5 Natural Ways On How To Get Rid Of Brain Fog

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Join Dr. Austin And Valerie Hall From Prime Wellness On Gateway To Vibrant Health 

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Are You True to Your Heart? An Honest Look at Natural Made Fish Oil

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How To Improve Heart Health: Start In Your 20s and Not Your 40s

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How To Lower Your Cholesterol In 2021

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Easy Tips On How To Stick To Your New Year Resolutions

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Six Ways to Naturally Increase Your Serotonin

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How To Improve Gut Health: 3 Easy Ways To Get The Job Done

Keeping your body healthy requires more than simply choosing…
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What Roles Do Nutritional Supplements Play in Weight Loss?

Weight loss is one of the most common goals patients report when…
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Naturopathic Solutions for the Immune System

Our immune systems play an essential and vital role in protecting…
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Nutrients to Help Slow Down Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a condition that affects many people who suffer…
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Reducing Stress During the Holidays

The winter holidays are meant to be a fun and exciting time of…
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Tips to Manage Blood Sugar With Simple Dietary Changes

Whether you have struggled with diabetes (type 1 or 2) or have…
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A Vitamin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The old adage that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is…
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The Case For Giving Children Probiotics

The physical development children undergo can lay a strong foundation…
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The Best Children’s Probiotics for Your Family

Did you know our bodies contain up to ten times more bacteria…
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6 Important Reasons You Need Vitamin C In Your Life

Your diet needs to supply 13 key vitamins in just the right amounts…
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Celebrating Naturopathic Medicine

Visiting a Naturopathic Doctor  is a unique and refreshing approach…
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The Best Children’s Probiotics for Your Family

Did you know our bodies contain up to ten times more bacteria…
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Do Pediatric Multivitamins Work? How to Really Know.

The colorful world of children's multivitamins is familiar to…
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Back to School: Boost Memory and Cognitive Function

With the new year's school season quickly approaching, ensuring…
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5 Supplement Must Haves For Back To School Nutrition

The time when back to school season is coming up has plenty…
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Get Boosted for Back to School Adventures with Ultra Potent-C®

It's hard to believe that back-to-school time is upon us with…
Thu Sep 14/by andredelima

Nutrients and Supplements for your Adrenal Health

The Importance of Having Adrenal Health

The adrenal glands…
Tue Sep 5/by andredelima

How Does A Magnesium Deficiency Effect Your Health?

Not all health problems are related to a lack of dietary nutrients,…
Wed Aug 30/by andredelima

How Thyroid Function Correlates With Skin Health




Protecting your skin is essential…
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Seven Reasons Why You Should Have Your Testosterone Level Tested

Men’s bodies rely heavily on testosterone to keep their bodies…
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10 Day Detox Special!


Over time, the buildup of toxins from…
Mon Aug 7/by andredelima

How to Boost Your Skin Health with Omega Fatty Acids

Our draw to the outdoors is instinctive when the afternoons…
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Now Offering Cosmetic Services!

Summertime has arrived at Prime Wellness along with a healthy…
Fri Jul 25/by Dr. Austin

Fat Is Fab!

Don't be afraid of amazing, delicious, healthy fat! Don't believe…
Tue Mar 18/by Dr. Austin

How Healthy Is Chocolate…Really?

From antioxidant content to vitamins and minerals to nourish…
Tue Mar 18/by Dr. Austin
Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Friends! Fish oil is incredible for you! Let’s make it a solid…
Fri Feb 28/by Dr. Austin
Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Stop what you’re doing and breathe. That’s it. Just take…
Fri Feb 28/by Dr. Austin

Podcast: Low Carb Conversations

Dr. Austin is featured on popular paleo podcast, "Low Carb Conversations…
Thu Feb 27/by Dr. Austin

Podcast: Natural Weight Loss Solutions

Dr. Austin featured on Dr. Michael Tremba’s podcast airing…
Thu Feb 27/by Dr. Austin
Female Triad Syndrome

Female Triad Syndrome

Dr. Austin featured on Underground Wellness with Sean Cruxton,…
Thu Feb 27/by Dr. Austin

Podcast: The Smarter Science of Slim

Dr. Austin was featured on the popular nutrition podcast, The…
Thu Feb 27/by Dr. Austin

Podcast: Eating Disorders Professionals

Dr. Austin featured on eating disorder professionals podcast.…
Thu Feb 27/by Dr. Austin
Neuro Endo Certified Badge

Dr. Austin Completes NEI Certification

Exciting news! Dr. Kelly Austin has successfully completed NeuroScience’s…
Thu Feb 27/by Dr. Austin