At Prime Wellness, we specialize in endocrinology metabolism, which can affect your body in the following ways:



If you are suffering from low energy, digestive disorders, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, depression, or cold intolerance you may have a thyroid concern. After testing a full thyroid panel which includes the eight most important thyroid function tests besides the basic TSH and T4, we can help diagnose the cause of your thyroid concern and treat that cause. We deal with hypothyroidism, Hashimotos, and Graves’ disease, which may stem from congenital concerns, iodine concerns, auto-immune problems, or hormonal imbalances. Subclinical thryoidism occurs when the blood tests come back normal, but the patient has many of the symptoms related to thyroid issues. We deal with natural and medical treatment depending on what the patient needs. Natural treatments may consist of nutrition, exercise, herbs and when needed, iodine. It is not a one size fits all treatment, yet the number four prescription in America is Levothyroxine Sodium. There are over ten thyroid medications, and they can be prescribed as needed from dessicated thyroid such as Armour, Nature Thyroid and WP.


When we are under stress, our estrogen and progesterone can be depleted. A women may miss her period, experience sleep disturbances, mood swings, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, incontinence and libido concerns. A woman’s body is meant for fertility, and slight stressors can signal to her brain that there are too many problems for her body to be fertile. It will then shut down unnecessary processes so her body can save this energy to repair and heal. We help regulate these hormones to promote fertility, wellness, and prevent long-term health concerns that can occur from having low hormones such as heart disease and osteoporosis. With special meal plans, bio-identical natural hormone therapy, supplements and herbs we help the patient recover.


Your adrenal glands help you deal with stress. Initially, your adrenal glands secrete many of its hormones to help you cope with stressors. It usually isn’t until the adrenal glands cannot handle the amount of stress on it, that they burn out. This may take weeks to years to occur. When your adrenals are burned out, you don’t feel well. You generally feel fatigued, unmotivated, you are more likely to get sick with immune system depression. Inflammation and weight gain are also common symptoms of adrenal burnout. To test the adrenal glands we look at the two hormones it secretes: cortisol and DHEA. Through a saliva test done four times during the day, we can see how your cortisol functions from the morning to bedtime. We can treat this naturally with lifestyle changes such as resetting the circadian rhythm, changing your diet and exercise schedule, to herbs or hormone help. DHEA is added to all our blood tests to evaluate a full adrenal panel.


This hormone is made from the pancreas in response to carbohydrate intake and sugar regulation by the body. Regulating insulin levels will ensure stability of mood, inflammation, energy and appetite. Through special exercise plans, herbs, and diet changes, insulin issues will be a concern of the past. We council patients on the paleo diet, nutritional ketosis, Whole 30, and MAPS diet. We work with vegetarians and vegans as well.