Weight Management

Dr. Austin has a special focus on hormone metabolism and lifestyle medicine. She has a passion for teaching patients how all the hormones work together to ensure optimal health. The hormones effect mood, digestion, sleep, libido, appetite, body composition, energy, and heart health. Every hormone is connected to each other and must be treated as a whole. Looking at just estrogen, thryoid hormone, cortisol or insulin by themselves is in error. Dr. Austin teaches her patients lifestyle changes that will stick for life and reverse and prevent chronic illness.
Through addressing the underlying causes, she works with her patients to provide them with the most up to date research.

It is not just a matter of applying a hormone cream. Your hypothalamus and all the organs in your body follow a circadium rhythm and we have to pay attention to when the hormones need to be taken and how they are interfering with other hormones. We mustn’t take the same dose of hormones everyday. We must look at the whole cascade of hormones and how taking one hormone effects the others. Hormones are complicated as there are many feedback loops, conversions and metabolites that happen from taking one hormone in isolation.

The most up to date lab tests are done to ensure we are monitoring all the hormones. Dr. Austin works with her patients to balance all the hormones. Nutrition and lifestyle changes will be impletmented with all patients. Because hormones can effect blood sugar, cholesterol and health health, appetite and digestion, we have to ensure the foods people are eating are optimal for their health.

Digestive Health:

At California Natural Health, we treat all digestive related concerns such as IBS, gastritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, bloating, and H. Pylori. We do extensive testing ensure nutrition is the number one priority in getting well.

Food and environmental sensitivities
Food and environmental sensitivities are at the root of many chronic symptoms,including congestion, fatigue, IBS, brain fog, and even behavioral issues. A simple blood test can help to determine which sensitivities are present, therefore helping to eliminate bothersome chronic symptoms and improve overall health.






Optimal nutrition is important for the health and function of the entire body. Nutritional deficiencies are common, and underlie many symptoms and health conditions. A simple test can determine whether one is deficient in nutrients, and can provide a plan for how optimal health can be achieved.

Follow up with your results in a 45 minute one-on-one visit with the doctor. They will recommend the supplements needed and ensure you are on the best quality professional supplements. Guidelines will be discussed about how and when to best take the supplements, how to avoid interactions with medications and also what foods are needed in your diet to ensure adequate nutrition is being met.

-Spectracell – $170 with PPO and HMO insurance, $340 cash, Medicare covers a portion of the test
+ $175 45 minute visit with the doctor to interpret results

-NutrEval/ONE – $99 with certain insurances

Digestive health is foundational to the health of the entire body. Testing can determine the health of your entire digestive tract and get to the root of issues and imbalances. Testing can reveal issues with inflammation, enzyme production, infections, parasites, and the balance of probiotic bacteria. Anyone with digestive problems can benefit from a full analysis.

-GI Fx – $99 with some insurances
-CDSA 2.0 – $169 with some insurances

DAN Doctor (Autism Specialist)

Dr. Austin has completed her training as a DAN! Doctor and is currently accepting new patients.

A DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) Doctor is a practitioner that pays careful attention to the symptoms, history, nutrition and environment of each child. Autism and autism spectrum disorders have been shown to have health related problems such as dysfunction of the metabolism, immune, neurological and digestive systems. We address food intolerances, optimal nutrition, microbial overgrowth, metabolic abnormailities and immune dysregulation.

Each treatment protocol is individual. What works for one person, may not work for the other. It is important to get the proper testing done which can involve blood or digestive testing. Book your appointment on-line today in order to take the first step towards restoring balance.

  • Nutrition & supplements
  • Vitamin therapy
  • Digestive testing
  • Improved sleep
  • Speech development


  • Diabetic Nutrition: A fiber-rich diet specifically designed to stabilize your blood sugar.
  • Natural Supplements:Powerful herbs like fenugreek and aloe to regulate blood sugar.
  • Prevent Complications such as kidney failure, ulcers and blindness.

Klean Kanteen: A Great Gift!

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  • Smoothie kanteens
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  • Sippy cups for babies


Made from toxin-free materials, with large-mouth openings and rounded corners and threads so they’re easy to clean.

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