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Mental Health & Stress

Exciting news! Dr. Kelly Austin has successfully completed NeuroScience’s NEI Certification Program. This means we have successfully mastered the tools and approaches to comprehensively and effectively treat many of the most common, yet complex health concerns. This benefits the patient by providing quicker and more effective health management – saving time and money. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your health concerns and the options available to you.

Weight Management

Dr. Austin has a special focus on hormone metabolism and lifestyle medicine. She has a passion for teaching patients how all the hormones work together to ensure optimal health. The hormones effect mood, digestion, sleep, libido, appetite, body composition, energy, and heart health. Every hormone is connected to each other and must be treated as a whole. Looking at just estrogen, thryoid hormone, cortisol or insulin by themselves is in error. Dr. Austin teaches her patients lifestyle changes that will stick for life and reverse and prevent chronic illness.
Through addressing the underlying causes, she works with her patients to provide them with the most up to date research.

It is not just a matter of applying a hormone cream. Your hypothalamus and all the organs in your body follow a circadium rhythm and we have to pay attention to when the hormones need to be taken and how they are interfering with other hormones. We mustn’t take the same dose of hormones everyday. We must look at the whole cascade of hormones and how taking one hormone effects the others. Hormones are complicated as there are many feedback loops, conversions and metabolites that happen from taking one hormone in isolation.

The most up to date lab tests are done to ensure we are monitoring all the hormones. Dr. Austin works with her patients to balance all the hormones. Nutrition and lifestyle changes will be impletmented with all patients. Because hormones can effect blood sugar, cholesterol and health health, appetite and digestion, we have to ensure the foods people are eating are optimal for their health.

10 Day Detox

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  • Day 1: 30-min screening + meal plan + BIA
  • Day 10: 15-min visit + BIA
  • Add 4 Methyl/B6 shots for an additional $140 ($20 savings)
  • Supplements not included in price

28 Day Detox

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  • Day 1: 30-min screening + BIA
  • Day 7: 15-min visit + meal plan
  • Day 21: 15-min visit + weigh-in
  • Day 28: 15-min visit + BIA
  • Add 4 Methyl/B6 shots for an additional $140 ($20 savings)
  • Supplements not included in price


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A $60 value!

Allergy Care Packages Available at our clinic

Package 1

$65 package
Sinuplex + Ultraflora Acute Care

Package 2
$ 90 package
Sinuplex + UltraFlora Acute Care +
Glutathione Nebulizer Treatment

Why This Package Helps Allergies:
Sinuplex – A combination of powerful herbs and
nutrients to support healthy sinuses, nasal, lung,
and respiratory function.

UltraFlora Acute Care – Probiotic combination
designed to help calm a hyperactive immune function

Glutathione – A strong antioxidant that helps break
up mucus and helps promote lung function. Helps to
prevent allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis and colds.

Vitamin B12 with MIC Injection

We are now offering in addition to our vitamin B12 injections, a new weight loss injection! This new injectable called the MIC shot includes methionine, inositol and choline (MIC) to help reduce fat! These are lipotropic agents that work to prevent excess fat buildup in the liver and the body, aid in the metabolism of fats and help reduce blood cholesterol. The MIC shot can be added to your vitamin B12 injection, so you only get one injection. $10 add on to the vitamin B12 shot.

Thermography Breast Screening

Upcoming dates:
Friday August 9th
Friday September 13th
Friday October 11th

  • Call for your spot today

Thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic exam which uses infrared cameras to detect early signs of pre-cancerous tissue.  By detecting minute variations in normal blood vessel activity, infrared imaging may find thermal signs suggesting a pre-cancerous state of the breast or the presence an early tumor that is not yet large enough to be detected by physical examination, mammography, or other types of structural imaging.

In addition to the exam of the breast and abdominal area, a 30-minute consult to go over the results with the doctor is suggested. Please call our office to book your thermogram or on-line at book online.