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Nutrients and Supplements for your Adrenal Health

The Importance of Having Adrenal Health The adrenal glands are essential to many critical processes in the body, such as metabolism, counteracting inflammations, maintaining adequate energy levels and regulating adrenaline and cortisol. However, it is estimated that more than 80 percent of American adults have adrenal glands that are not working properly. Adrenal Glands and […]

How Does A Magnesium Deficiency Effect Your Health?

Not all health problems are related to a lack of dietary nutrients, but a shocking number of common and chronic conditions are rooted in an imbalance of the vital minerals and other building blocks of life. Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common nutritional imbalances in today’s times because of busy convenience diets that […]

How Thyroid Function Correlates With Skin Health

      Protecting your skin is essential as the skin is our largest organ in the body. Understanding the link between proper thyroid function and skin health allows you to take more control of your thyroid whether you suffer from hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, or autoimmune thyroiditis. Why Does Thyroid Function Matter? Thyroid function is necessary […]

Seven Reasons Why You Should Have Your Testosterone Level Tested

Men’s bodies rely heavily on testosterone to keep their bodies lean, and their muscles toned and fit, as well increasing their ability to enjoy a satisfying sex life. What happens to a man’s body when testosterone levels dip below optimal levels? Seven very troubling symptoms can result, causing stress and anxiety.     1. Weight […]

10 Day Detox Special!

TIME FOR A REBOOT? Over time, the buildup of toxins from your environment and lifestyle choices can compromise the way your body processes nutrients. At Prime Wellness, our comprehensive 10 Day Detox Program developed by Metagenics and implemented by our naturopathic Clinic Director, Dr. Kelly Austin, ND can help you enhance your body’s natural metabolic detoxification process, support weight loss, and help increase […]

How to Boost Your Skin Health with Omega Fatty Acids

Our draw to the outdoors is instinctive when the afternoons turn golden and summer temperatures become balmy. Spending time outside allows us to enjoy many natural health benefits that include detoxification, stress and anxiety reduction, and improved short-term memory. Scientific research has also revealed that spending a moderate amount of time in sunlight is healthy for us, […]

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is back! Sign up today….

Back by popular demand: The 21 Day Sugar Detox WHEN: Monday September 9th 12pm – 1pm WHAT: The 21 Day Sugar Detox Start WHERE: Meeting at our Rancho Bernardo office HOW COME: To get off sugar in a supportive, fun manner! We will be meeting every Monday at 12pm for about 30 minutes through the […]

Friends of the Office:

Introducing Pilates Passion with Anne Marie McNabb Pilates is a mind, body, spirit discipline that creates whole body health, improved endurance, flexibility, balance and a strong core. It produces long, lean flexible muscle, which better supports the joints and bones of the body, while increasing range of motion. Pilates helps give physical relief from back, […]

Genetic Testing

1) MTHFR Why is MTHFR Genotyping Important? Certain mutations in the gene coding for MTHFR produce an enzyme that has reduced ability to process B12 and folic acid. Inadequate amounts of B12 and folic acid can lead to elevated levels of homocysteine (a.k.a. hyperhomocysteinemia), which increases risk of illness. Adequate or optimal levels of B12 […]