How To Improve Gut Health: 3 Easy Ways To Get The Job Done

Keeping your body healthy requires more than simply choosing healthy foods and exercising regularly. The immune system is extremely complex and often complicated, varying from one individual to the next. In our gut alone, anywhere from 300 to 500 types of bacteria can be active at any time. While not all bacteria are considered harmful to your health, it is imperative to keep “bad” bacteria to a minimum to avoid gastrointestinal issues and potentially permanent damage to how your system processes food and nutrients altogether. Understanding the importance of gut bacteria and how to improve your gut’s overall health is key to ensuring a long-lasting, healthy, and productive life.

Remove Processed Foods from Your Everyday Diet

A major problem for millions of individuals who suffer from digestive issues and gut bacteria-related sickness is the increased intake of processed foods. Processed foods are typically more affordable and are easier to prepare for meals or snacks. However, processed foods contain chemicals and ingredients that are not ideal for the immune system or gut microbiome, causing adverse reactions with long-term ingestion. Choosing a diet that is rich in all-natural ingredients and nutrients is a way to minimize or eliminate upset stomachs, diarrhea, bloating, and other gastro-centric problems that are most commonly found in Western diets today.

For individuals who suffer from a myriad of ailments and illnesses (ranging from arthritis, joint pain, and autoimmune), anti-inflammatory diets are ideal and often, necessary for relief. Choosing a diet that is void of processed foods and artificial ingredients it the first step to improving your body’s immune system and digestive tract function altogether. Rather than packaged snacks or treats, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, along with meats that are unprocessed and better for the body. Steer clear of eating processed foods in excess, as this disrupts the inner workings of the body and your digestive system (ultimately impacting the way you absorb nutrients from any food you eat).

Avoid Artificial Alternatives and Low-Fat Foods

Artificial alternatives to traditional whole foods can also trigger negative outcomes within the gut, varying with each individual and their own immune systems. Even switching from classic sugar to “sugar-free” choices may not always be the best option, especially for those who have sensitive guts or other diseases such as a wide range of autoimmune illnesses. Sugar-free foods and solutions also include chemicals and ingredients that are considered foreign to the human body, which may ultimately affect everything from your digestive tract to your bran’s overall cognitive function.
Additionally, avoid the hype of “low-fat” foods when you are seeking new ways to eat and want to overhaul and improve your everyday diet. Low-fat foods may seem appealing as they allow consumers to indulge in comfort foods with the promise of a healthier outcome. However, this is not true in most cases, as low-fat products are much more likely to contain additives, preservatives, and even higher sugar or carbohydrate counts.

When shopping around for new foods to add to your diet, familiarize yourself with labels and ingredients. The first ingredients listed on food products are the most prominent within the food. If you are unable to read ingredients or understand what they are, it is very likely that you are looking at additives, preservatives, and chemicals that may ultimately impact your gut health. Actively seek out foods that have clear labels and offer plenty of vitamins and minerals to give your body the support it needs while on your journey to better digestive and gut health.

Use Natural Supplements to Boost Your Gut’s Healthy Bacteria

Probiotics are extremely beneficial to the overall health of our guts, providing a notable dose of “good bacteria” to help combat harmful bacteria while keeping the immune system capable and strong. Without enough good bacteria in the body it becomes challenging and in some cases, impossible for the digestive system to function properly, causing a string of reactions that can drastically negatively impact your life. Finding the right probiotic for your body can drastically improve the quality of life you experience while minimizing digestive issues you may experience.

UltraFlora Balance from Metagenics is one probiotic that delivers a wide range of benefits, including an improved digestive system, boosted cognitive function, and a strengthened immune system. The product itself is non-GMO and contains more than 15 billion live organisms to help facilitate the process of cleaning up your gut and its bad bacteria. UltraFlora Balance includes ingredients such as: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silica. By integrating a probiotic such as UltraFlora Balance in your everyday regimen, greatly improve your cognitive function along with your digestive and gut health for long-term results. Contact Prime Wellness for any questions about improving your gut health today!

What Roles Do Nutritional Supplements Play in Weight Loss?

Weight loss is one of the most common goals patients report when seeking help from a doctor. Nearly 50% of overweight individuals are actively trying to lose weight right now, and it’s not always easy to convince your body to shed the pounds when it’s designed to help you survive through a famine by saving every resource it can. Balancing your general health with the right nutritional supplements is a great first step to losing weight because a healthy system more readily burns fat rather than trying to save it for a future calamity. Find out which supplements from Metagenics will do the most to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The B Vitamin Family

First, a lack of any of the crucial B vitamins can result in stubborn weight gain that refuses to be lost again. Every one of them, from B1 to B12, plays at least a small role in your body’s metabolism. This doesn’t mean that a deficiency will automatically cause you to gain weight, but it can start an entire cycle of low energy levels and food cravings that definitely add up to a gain. Thankfully the B vitamin family is one of the easiest to supplement safely with a doctor’s supervision.


Your morning coffee or tea may help you lose weight instead of impeding it. This is only without added sugar and creamers, or at least with a limited amount of them. Caffeine has recently shown a host of health benefits, among them a modest increase in weight loss among people taking it as a supplement. There’s a relatively low safe daily intake level regardless of whether you take it as a supplement or a drink, so it’s possible to get enough caffeine from coffee or tea to get a beneficial effect. However, you may prefer supplements to avoid the taste of black coffee and unsweetened tea.


Most people have heard of L-carnitene if they’ve heard of any of the carnitene supplements, but there’s actually a range of different amino acid compounds under this name that have all shown a clinical ability to assist in weight loss. Your mitochondria rely on these amino acids to help them pull in and break down the fatty acids needed for cellular function. This is the mechanism proposed for assisting in losing weight, and more research is currently being carried out to see exactly how much help this supplement can offer.


A healthy digestive process helps you feel full faster and can eliminate many of those intense food cravings that lead you to eat high calorie foods. Probiotics are one of the best ways to support your microbiome, the complex world of microbes, bacteria, and other tiny organisms that live in your digestive tract and help you thrive. Along with a healthy diet rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, probiotics can help eliminate indigestion and make it easier for you to follow a diet plan without giving in to cravings or urges to overeat. UltraFlora Control contains the exact strains of Bifidobacterium linked to a healthier weight. If you’re still experiencing cravings or urges after taking probiotics, consider having a dietary panel test done to catch any unknown vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Our Spectracell nutrient deficiency test reveals everything you need to know to balance your dietary needs.  A hidden deficiency is often behind the most unusual and overpowering cravings for very specific foods.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

It’s a long and technical sounding name, but CLA is a type of fatty acid that is naturally found in both beef and most dairy products. You only get a small dose of this compound when eating and drinking these foods, but taking it in a concentrated form as a supplement may help you achieve your weight loss goals. Clinical trials found a modest but noticeable effect on weight loss that was attributed to increased fat burning. Metagensis offers the Ultra CLA supplement, which comes in the stable triglyceride form so your body can make the most out of it.

Interested in learning more about the role that supplements can play in a weight loss plan? Instead of turning to online sources that may not be reliable, come see Dr. Austin and the rest of the team here at Prime Wellness in person. We love working with our patients to help them achieve all of their health goals, including weight loss. You’d be surprised at how often a little extra weight is linked to another condition. Improving your health as a whole is always beneficial before targeting a specific goal like losing weight, and we’re standing by to make the process as positive as possible for you.

Dr. Austin as featured on Gateway To Vibrant Health

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Many of today’s most pressing health issues can be traced to hormone imbalance. Dr. Kelly Austin, owner and director of Prime Wellness, is a renowned naturopathic doctor based out of San Diego, California. She specializes in hormone, with an emphasis on endocrine metabolism, thyroid disorders, and menopause, using lifestyle medicine and natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She has a passion for teaching her patients how hormones work together to create optimal health and educating on how hormones imbalances affect mood, digestion, sleep, libido, appetite, body composition, energy, and heart health. Recently receiving her MLA in Lipidology, she counsels many people on how to prevent heart disease and what medications and supplements are best for treatment in cholesterol disorders.

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Naturopathic Solutions for the Immune System

Juice, Lemon, Orange, Apple, Cap

Our immune systems play an essential and vital role in protecting the body against a myriad of diseases, bacteria, and infections to keep us as healthy and strong as possible at all times. Whether you are looking to make a healthy change to your life or you want additional layers of protection on a daily basis, incorporating the best naturopathic solutions  for the immune system is a must.

What Are Naturopathic Solutions?

Naturopathic solutions are tools, vitamins, and methods of action that help individuals create a stronger and healthier immune system regardless of their age and current lifestyle. In combination with the right diet, naturopathic supplements often have drastic results in short periods of time.

Boosting your body’s immune system is not as simple as taking a prescribed medication or drinking more water. However, there are quite a few ways to help incorporate naturopathic solutions into your everyday routine to ensure you are doing the most possible to live a healthy lifestyle. Some of the best naturopathic solutions for the immune system include:

  • Eating an anti-inflammatory diet and reducing or eliminating processed foods in addition to refined sugars and high amounts of carbohydrates
  • Getting an adequate amount of sleep, oftentimes more than 8 hours if necessary
  • Caring for your microbiome with the right solutions and nutrients
  • Increase your Vitamin D intake
  • Utilize herbs and herbal remedies whenever possible for added health benefits
  • Monitor the amount you exercise–ensure you are getting enough but do not go overboard when trying to boost your immune system’s function

The Important Role of Nutrition and Vitamins in Conjunction With the Immune System

Nutrition is the essential factor in maintaining a healthy body, immune system, and overall lifestyle. One of the best ways to build up your immune system is through your everyday diet. Choosing the right proteins, fats, herbs, and nutrient-rich foods is a way to ensure your body is getting what it needs to remain strong and resistant. Garlic, elderberry, ginger, and traditional berries are just a few foods that are extremely potent and nutrient-rich, supporting the immune system, gastrointestinal function, and mental clarity. When preparing meals, opt for home cooked foods that are free from additives and processed ingredients to reduce inflammation while adding to a number of nutrients you receive from food.

Using a Complete Naturopathic Solution to Boost the Immune System

UltraFlora Balance is one of the best daily probiotics available that assists with both immune system function along with gastrointestinal health. The formula itself utilizes a blend of B. lactisBi-07 along with L. acidophilus NCFM in capsule form that is non-dairy. Clinical studies have shown the ingredients in UltraFlora Balance help to support both GI health along with immune system function, keeping your body aligned and working properly. In addition, UltraFlora Balance has also been proven to assist with providing a healthy balance of intestinal flora while facilitating the digestion of lactose, which is extremely beneficial for those who have stomach and intestinal-related illnesses, upsets, and diseases.

Implementing naturopathic solutions such as supplements, diet, and herbs at home together with the something such as UltraFlora Balance from Metagenics is a great way to provide your body with the protection and resistance it requires to remain functional and in optimal health. With the right lifestyle, diet, and nutrition changes in your life, it is possible to make drastic and permanent changes to the overall quality of your life in the future.